Green Boating Tips in Charleston, South Carolina

Summer is the time of year when many boaters in Charleston, South Carolina will be spending time out on the open seas aboard their vessels. It's also a time when boaters are called upon to be more environmentally responsible. Here are some "green" tips to help boaters have fun and take care of the earth at the same time.

Maintain your watercraft. Use quality non-toxic paints, phosphate-free detergents and waxes to keep the surface of your vessel free of any harmful chemicals. Use a premium two-cycle oil for the engine, replace hoses when needed and check the engine for leaks on a regular basis. Preparing your boat ahead of time and keeping it clean will do a lot to protect the marine wildlife and the environment off the coast of Charleston.

Recycle or dispose of boating waste properly. Use a nearby recycling center to dispose of any used oil, plastic bottles or used boat parts. Be sure to donate leftover varnishes, paints and cleaning products to other boaters. When on board, be sure to keep trash to a minimum and contain it until you return to shore. Use the public restrooms on shore whenever possible. Never dump trash or sewage into waterways as this is illegal and very harmful to the environment and marine life.

Encourage Charleston area marinas to provide trash and recycling receptacles. When you are a boater, you can encourage others in your community to recycle and be more responsible environmentally. If you regularly use a marina or boat landing and you notice there are inadequate trash receptacles, speak up and let facility management know they should provide them in order to be greener.

Switch over to a wind-powered vessel. If you are used to the ocean environment and want to become a more earth-friendly traveler, why not trade your gas powered boat for a more environmentally friendly boat that is powered by the wind? There are many sailboats and other watercraft available than even a solo boater can handle alone.

Over the course of your experience of being a boater, you can make a positive impact on the natural beauty of the environment in the Charleston area by following these green tips this summer.

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