Recession Proof Living: Low Cost Entertainment Ideas for Your Family

Keep Your Family Entertained for Hours with These Budget Friendly Ideas.

We live in some challenging financial times. In order to meet the needs of their households, many families have drastically downsized their entertainment budgets in order to maintain a high quality of living. Your family doesn't have to be completely bored, however. Here are some great ways to keep your family entertained without damaging the family budget:

Local Community Events

In many small towns across the nation, communities are planning low cost, family-friendly events. Local colleges, recreational areas and organizations generally hold events throughout the year so there's always plenty to keep your family busy. These events are generally either free or low cost. Consider getting outside to meet more of your neighbors and having fun at some of the community events in your hometown. Be sure to plan ahead and pack a picnic lunch and bring plenty of cold drinks to cut down on having to spend any money at these events. Support only the causes that mean the most to you. Community events can be a wonderful way to learn more about the people and organizations that make your town unique.

Children's Sporting and Educational Programs

If you have school aged children or grandchildren, chances are there are plenty of fun activities that they are involved in such as sports, music and art programs. These can be great low cost ways of spending quality time together as a family and getting out there to meet other people. Many schools also offer adult educational programs centered on hobbies or skills. Make sure that you take advantage of all that your local schools offer and participate fully in these programs, whenever you can.

Have a Neighborhood Yard SaleYard sales can be a great source of entertainment that won't ruin your budget. Not only is it a great way to unload some of those unwanted household items, but it's an opportunity to earn some extra money on an otherwise dull weekend. Put the kids to work sorting out household items and then set up colorful eye-catching displays that will have crowds gathering at your sale. Get the neighbors involved and make it a community event. You can even cook some food on the grill and have cold drinks on hand for guests to keep them there to spend more on your treasures. Then put the extra money aside and save it for a family vacation or something that the entire family can enjoy after all that hard work.

Backyard Camping

If you have kids, you probably want to share the love of the outdoors with them without having to take a long and costly road trip. So why not pop the tent in your own backyard wilderness and have your own adventure? You can roast hotdogs and marshmallows in a fire pit, tell ghost stories and then settle in for a good night's rest under the stars in your own safe backyard. No more having to worry about bears or things that go bump in the night either.

Computer Games and You Tube

If you are not the outdoors-type, that's can find loads of entertainment right on your own home computer. There are tons of family friendly and free computer games you can download. Take turns trying to beat each other's best scores. Or you can collect your favorite funny You Tube videos and have an all night laugh-fest with your family. Make sure to pop some corn and get out the bean bag chairs out for an unforgettable evening in your very own family style comedy club.

There are many ways to have fun on a small entertainment budget. Look around you and you will find lots of free or cheap ways to keep your family entertained this year.

Tess C. Taylor

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