Five Tips for an Effective Human Resource Management Plan

Does Your Company Have a "People Plan"?

Today's Human Resources professionals are a big part of managing the overall strategy of company assets. The employees and how they contribute to the company as a whole are an asset and should be managed as such. Controlling employee costs, bringing aboard new hires, employee training and  termination are just one small part of the Human Resource department's responsibility. Having an effective Human Resources Management plan in place simplifies this aspect of managing the people aspect of the business.

The most obvious start with creating an effective Human Resources Management plan is to evaluate where the business is focused over the course of each business cycle. Is the company heading towards expansion, outsourcement of certain talents or making cut-backs to save money? It's vital to know where the company is headed before Human Resources can be managed to meet with company objectives.

The next tip is to determine what key skills and talents are needed to meet those objectives. Is the company primarily focused on a specific industry? Being able to define what these key talents are needed and then determining who on staff has the skills, who needs training and who needs additional hires is vital to formulating this part of the Human Resources Management plan.

Communication is the next level in any effective Human Resources Management plan. How well the company objectives, values and expectations are communicated to employees is a fundamental aspect of managing the people of an organization. Then it's important to be able to let the powers that be know how well the Human Resources are functioning to meet those goals. This is a measure of success for many Human Resources departments and it's at this critical time when the company executives see the return on their people investment so this must be handled carefully.

Along with communication, is evaluation of the Human Resources Management plan itself. Taking time to survey the employees of the company to find out how well they see the everyday experience of working for the company can reveal many things about the business. This is a time for review and adaptation when needed to tweak things to improve them.

Lastly, and most importantly, Human Resources is responsible for putting the face of humanity in the business. Who are the people that make up the company and whom create the success that the company enjoys as a whole. Planning company events, employee recognition and making improvements for the employee benefits is key to creating a happy and successful future for the company.


Tess C. Taylor

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