Wedding Vows for the Marriage Renewal Ceremony

You and your spouse may be planning a wedding or marriage renewal ceremony to honor the many years that you’ve been committed to each other and to start a new chapter of your life together. Many couples choose to do this at a milestone anniversary, after their children grow up and leave home or after another significant event in a couple’s life, such as a recovery from a major illness or a retirement. Some may choose to do this because they were not able to afford a real wedding ceremony or honeymoon when they were married years earlier. Whatever the reason may be, a renewal ceremony can be a special event that’s worthy of wedding vows that will make the day extra special.

Wedding vows for a marriage renewal ceremony can be as simple as the couple each repeating their original vows to each other or by adding some special touches to make them even more meaningful. Short poems or love songs can be a great way to do this. Reciting heartfelt sentiments to each other can be added. The couple can write their own vows if they choose, or hire a wedding writer to help them accomplish this momentous task.

When a couple chooses to renew their vows, they are renewing their commitment and love to each other and so this needs to be said. A couple can talk about their feelings for each other when they met, how this grew over time as they faced the challenges of being married and how this love will continue to grow over time. The couple can share little stories about each other, fond memories of when they were first married or when they became parents or grandparents. They can talk about some of the adventures they shared as a couple or some of the dreams that shared that have come true as a result of being together all these years.

Another keen aspect of wedding renewal vows is to honor the loved ones that have shared their lives, such as their parents, children, grandchildren and special family friends and colleagues. A strong marriage is based in a strong support network of friends and family and so to honor them is appropriate at the time of the wedding renewal ceremony. Many families are blended together by the joining of a man and woman, so it’s a wonderful thing to be able to remember this and let others know how this has worked out well for the families of each spouse.

Remember, the most important part of your wedding renewal ceremony is being able to share it with each other and speak from your heart. Allow a skillful wedding writer to help you put those words together to make your wedding vows meaningful to last a lifetime, just as your love has lasted the test of time.

Tess C. Taylor

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