Telecommuting Job Ideas for Dad’s

In these troubling economic times, many fathers may be wondering if they can count on their corporate careers any longer. Dad’s everywhere are starting to seek out alternative careers, such as telecommuting options, that allow for more freedom and flexibility in their daily lives as well as more financial stability. This is especially true for men who have extremely hectic lives or are raising children on their own.

Whether you are a recently unemployed Dad, or you are looking for something that’s a little more family friendly because you want to spend more time with your spouse and children, there are many great telecommuting options for Dad’s nowadays. Here are some ideas to explore:
Direct Sales – If you have a background in sales or marketing and want to utilize those skills to continue to support your family, why not get involved with direct sales? This can be anything from marketing actual physical products online (consumer or commercial products) to promoting information and resources. Many former marketing professionals create information products, like e-books or courses and invite others to learn from them for a subscription or other small fee. Another option is to resell goods for profit online, such as via a drop-ship program or buying wholesale and selling through auction sites or party plans.
Tutoring & Education – If you work during the school year as a teacher, corporate trainer or other educator and you have summers off, why not take on some part time freelance work as an online tutor? There are many programs designed for school age children to get help with their studies that need quality tutors. There are also adult education programs with colleges and universities seeking out instructors. These are generally flexible home-based careers that offer excellent pay rates.
Graphic & Web Designer – Are you a creative person? If you’ve ever built a blog or website, then you may have what it takes to be a freelance graphic or web designer? With just a little practice and learning some limited web language, you can offer your services to entrepreneurs or larger companies to build their websites. Combine this with improving the graphics and content of websites to build a nice business of your own while enjoying the freedom of working around your family’s schedule.

Tess C. Taylor

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