How to Retain Employees at a Staffing Agency


A key aspect of operating a staffing agency is retaining a pool of skilled employees. Staffing agencies have a unique opportunity to work with skilled workers from many different industries. Employees represent the values and work ethic that a staffing agency projects to the rest of the world; therefore, keeping good employees happy and productive is essential to success in the temporary staffing industry. In addition, being able to keep active staff on board for assignments is critical in generating revenue for the staffing company, as well as supporting the needs of clients, so it benefits all involved. In order to compete in a global economy, staffing agencies are stepping up efforts to provide benefits and career development programs to retain the best employees.


Step 1

Create assignments that challenge and inspire workers. This is one of the best ways to keep professionals engaged and excited about working with a staffing agency. Establish contracts with top firms and clients that can provide interesting roles within an encouraging environment. When choosing to work with clients, it’s important to keep in mind what the associates will experience daily by visiting each work site and keeping in close contact with staff as well as clients.

Step 2

Offer additional perks to being part of the staffing team. While temporary workers expect to earn reasonable wages for time spent working with contracted companies, most will be even happier if they’re offered health and wellness benefits, vacation time, flexible scheduling, bonuses and recognition. Offering additional perks over and above what the average employer can offer will help to retain employees at all levels and maintain a high level of job satisfaction.

Step 3

Provide career training and development opportunities. With the workplace becoming a much more competitive environment, employees are looking for ways to improve upon the skills they already have. Many professionals take classes to learn new skills or to earn college degrees while holding down full time jobs. If a staffing company wants to retain the best employees and encourage a higher level of work-related knowledge, a good course of action is to offer learning opportunities, including in-house training programs and tuition support. Employees who are committed to achieving more will respond favorably by taking advantage of this opportunity.

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