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If you are starting or running a small business, there are a great many tools to help you be successful. Having a long-lasting small business often requires gaining access to a network of resources to start, manage and grow the business over time. This can involve making a plan for the business, networking with other business owners, and getting educated about small business practices and legal requirements.

Technology Tools for the Small Business

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Technology has come a long way in the past decade, allowing many people to start and operate small businesses more successfully. There are plenty of excellent technology tools that the small business owner can use to get ahead in today’s market, such as free or low-cost Internet applications, mobile devices and social media networking. The savvy small business owner knows how to combine these technologies to communicate with and promote services and products to consumers. In addition, technology assists small businesses with creating a presence in a competitive market in much less time.

                                     Small Business Planning Tools

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Today’s small business owner has access to a wide range of business planning tools to get off to a great start. In addition to services offered by local commerce organizations, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is available to assist small business owners plan and launch their ideas into successful companies. The SBA provides free small business support, including legal counseling and support, help writing business plans and information about government grants for funding. In addition, the SBA works with owners to effectively market and make plans to grow their businesses throughout the life of the venture.

                                      Networking Tools for the Small Business

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In today’s global market, finding and reaching out to new customers is determined by how well you network with others, both online and locally. Small business owners have the advantage of a multitude of tools right at their fingertips. The Internet provides a full set of small business tools, such as free website building tools, social media channels and real-time communications tools to interact directly with consumers. Many small businesses have learned to integrate their blogs with business websites; they spend time promoting their goods and services on social media networks and can create a brand, completely online, in a just a few hours each week.



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