Wedding Reception Dance Games

Liven up your wedding reception by incorporating dance games, which encourage guests to get up and mingle, make the reception more fun for all ages and create a more memorable event. Consider the many wedding reception dance games on your special day.

Wedding Reception Dollar Dance

Perhaps the most beloved of fun wedding dance games is the dollar dance. What started as a traditional dance in Poland has become a favorite way of having fun and giving the bride and groom a little financial support for their new life. Guests present the bride and groom with dollar bills, which can be pinned on their outfits, and then dance one song with one of the members of the bridal party. This gives guests the chance to get to know each other and wish the couple a happy future.

Blindfold the Bride

This interesting wedding dance game involves the five senses. The bride is blindfolded and spun around and then must find her groom by feeling the faces of the groomsmen, who form a line in front of the bridal table. As the bride feels her way to her mate, she feels the faces of each man with her hands while guests shout out “getting warmer” or “getting cooler,” which helps her find her true love. Once she finds her groom, the bride dances with him to the delight of wedding guests. This makes guests feel as if they had something to do with getting the lovely couple together in a hilarious way.

Wedding Musical Chairs

In the wedding dance version of an old favorite, musical chairs, male guests form a line on one side of the room while female guests stand on the other side. As the wedding music plays, each line passes bridal items, such as the garter and bouquet. When the music stops abruptly, the guests holding an item must dance with each other to a fast song. This is a great way to get guests of all ages out of their chairs and having fun.

Dancing by the Numbers

This wedding dance game requires a little preparation but is loads of fun. After all the food and drinks have been served and the bride and groom dance their traditional dances with family members, it’s time to get the party started. The DJ tells guests to look under their placemats for a number from one to five. Then he calls out the number randomly and all the guests with that number must get on the dance floor and participate in a silly dance such as the chicken dance, the Macarena or the hokey pokey.

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