Today's Best Online Medical Careers

There are many online medical career opportunities available today to meet increased demand for quality health care professionals. According to 2010 statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, healthcare continues to be a high growth industry, generating 3.2 million new jobs in this decade alone. In addition, most online medical careers require less than a four-year college degree and pay within the salary ranges of $14 to $20 per hour. If you are considering an online medical career, there are several excellent choices to consider.

Medical Billing and Coding Careers Online


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One of the top choices in online medical careers is that of the role of the medical billing and coding specialist. As patients receive care, physicians assign special diagnosis and procedure codes to patient records. These codes are then transferred from patient records and entered into a central billing system for the purposes of insurance billing. Many times, because of the large amount of coding and billing to be completed, health care facilities outsource this work to professional medical billing and coding professionals who work remotely over the Internet. Medical billing and coding specialists are required to obtain certification from an approved program offered by an accredited college or university before being eligible to work online. In addition, most medical coders and billers have a broad range of knowledge about medical terminology, insurance billing procedures and patient confidentiality. According to a 2008 salary survey conducted by the American Association of Coding Professionals, the average earnings for an online medical billing and coding clerk is $39,400 to $46,500 annually.

Online Medical Transcription Careers


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Another top career in the medical field is that of the online medical transcriptionist. Medical providers rely upon the accurate services of well-trained online medical transcriptionists to convert physician's audio files into transcribed documents that will be stored with patient records and used to carefully track patient care. Online medical transcriptionists must receive training through an industry-approved, medical transcriptionist certification program, such as those recommended by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity ( In addition to general medical transcription training, which includes learning in-depth medical terminology and computer-aided transcription processing, successful online medical transcriptionists must be accurate typists and have above-average hearing skills as they will often have to listen to physician recordings from many different medical specialties and regions, including doctors that are non-native English speakers. Average annual earnings for online medical transcriptionists are $32,000 according to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics from 2008.

Online Medical Writers

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If you have a strong background in the medical field or you are looking for a way to express your interest in health care by writing, then a career as an online medical writer may be the perfect fit. Medical writers work generally from home offices or on a flexible basis for healthcare firms, researching and writing on a wide variety of medical technology topics. In addition to completing articles and research reports about medical topics, many online medical writers freelance and create content for medically related websites, journals, magazines, books and other forms of digital and print materials. Medical writers generally have at least five or more years working within the health care industry and may or may not have formal education in this area, although some choose to go on to earn a certification in medical writing from an American Medical Writing Association approved program. ( According to U.S. Department of Labor facts from 2009, online medical writers can expect to earn as much as $28,000 annually.


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