Five Best Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Like a Pro

Want stunning eyes? Here's how to apply eye shadow like a professional and make your eyes pop with color.

The best tool that a girl can have in her beauty kit is the ability to make her eyes stand out with stunning shades of eye shadow. Whether you are a casual make-up user or seriously obsessed with your beauty routine, here are the best five tips for applying eye shadow from today’s makeup professionals.
Start with a good primer. Before you even think about adding eye shadow to the most beautiful part of your face, you need to put down a good base foundation to keep your makeup looking great for hours. Choose a light foundation and add a small dab to the eye area especially where those dark circles like to hang out.
Make sure your eye shadow application is even. One of the biggest challenges for applying eye shadow is ending up with too much color on one eyelid vs. too little on the other—leaving eyes looking uneven. Says award-winning fashion photography makeup artist,
Mary Erickson,” Make sure you are facing the light head on and that one side of the face is not in shadow.”
Choose eye shadows that play up the colors of your eyes. A trick that celebrity makeup artist
Mally Roncal shares is using a shade in a complimentary tone such as, “wearing burgundy to bring out the green in hazel eyes and for mesmerizing blue eyes, sticking to brown eye shadows”. For the ultimate in sexy eyes, Roncal recommends using a touch of silver.
Create definition in your application. Applying eye shadow should be done in a few key steps.
Carmindy Bowyer, the makeup artist for TLC's "What Not to Wear," gives this advice: For a classic look, apply the highlight shade on the inner brow-line, a taupe shadow across the lid, a dark line along the lashes and finish with mascara.
Don’t overdo it. Sure that smoky look may be in, but it isn’t right for all girls. You don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon so use a light hand and apply your eye makeup in lighter layers, building up to the desired look. Remember it’s a lot harder to remove eye shadow than it is to go gradual for your best look.

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