August 12, 2011 @ 03:20 PM

In the last few months, Google has majorly cracked down on websites with poorly managed content. This Panda update brought about a lot of panic among web developers worldwide who thought they had "beat the system" with their so-called SEO tricks. Old black hat methods of keyword stuffing, hidden links, scraped content, and poorly written copy just don't work anymore. This caused the worst of the websites out there to fall off the search results like yesterday's newspaper.

So what are these new content requirements and how can you avoid getting penalized by Google with your website? A recent post from SEOptimize breaks it down into plain and simple English.

How to Avoid Getting Penalized by Google with Your Copy

Duplicate Content - The use of duplicate content on your site, or the same copy showing up anywhere else online can seriously affect the quality rating of your website.  Stealing someone else's copy is also a crime, enforceable in most regions by stiff fines. While Google doesn't currently consider this an actual penalty, it does make your website look bad in the eyes of the search engines because it's not unique content. Stay out of trouble by keeping it fresh.

Poor Quality Content  - If you're going to take the time to add copy to your website, why not make an extra effort to make sure it's of great quality and readable by your guests? The entire Panda update from Google was focused on eliminating low quality content. Shallow, keyword-stuffed content, even on just a few pages, can make your entire website rank go down.

Scraped Content - If you take text from other websites, even free PLR copy, and don't take the time to re-write it so that it meets originality standards, your website is headed for trouble. You must keep all content 100% original in order for your website to rank favorably. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and money.

Unreadable Content  - Think you can save a few bucks by hiring non-English speaking writers to do the work? Wrong! You'll most likely end up with copy that is unreadable by most website visitors if you use content that contains broken English, poor grammar and misspelt words. Unreadable copy just smells of unprofessionalism and can cost you in the long run .


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